100% USDA Inspected Meat

Raymond V. Filogomo (Ray) and Sandra M. Filogomo (Sandy), owners of Thunder Ridge Bison, thank you for taking the time to visit with us.  

Throughout our website, you will find that we raise our animals to produce top quality taste and give you the most nutritional value that bison meat can produce.  What more can you ask for than low in fat, low in cholesterol, high in selenium, high in omega 3, high in iron, high in protein and many other vitamins (as you will see on our nutrition page).  Bison is the only mammal that has never had cancer, the healthy red meat.

We have done extensive research ourselves and with nutritionists, pasture grazing specialists, agriculture specialists from the state of Missouri, and mineral specialists.  We acquire testing and results from various universities through research specialists studies with scientific documentation.  During your visit to our site, you will learn why we have chosen our specifically designed nutritional plan and how it will benefit you as a consumer.  We guarantee that all of our animals are 100% naturally fed, with NO drugs, antibiotics, steroids, hormones or chemicals.  Our animals are 99% grass fed with only a small portion of feed.

Since we want the best for you as our consumer as well as our animals, we are strict in requiring that all bison on our ranch must be on our specifically designed nutritional plan for at least six months prior to butchering.  This will ensure the top quality taste and nutritional value that each of our customers deserve.


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